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  • Who is this class for?
    At this time, this class is for students attending a participating UC campus who are interested in exploring how climate is impacting them emotionally, and what they can do about it. This class is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Why should I take this class?
    It’s hard to be a young adult living in these uncertain times. We live in times of exciting, fast-paced technological progress. Yet, we acknowledge being in the midst of a meta-crisis of intersecting global socio-political and health challenges -- where our ecological systems are at risk of collapse. This elective course will help you be part of the positive future, through learning wisdom imparted by expert academics and global leaders in climate, and through the mindfulness skills, support and trust you build within your small groups. This class is intended to relieve stress rather than add to your stress.
  • What will I do?
    During the Spring Quarter of 2024, you will attend both in-person and online sessions. The assignments are light. You will be learning skills to provide you with a resilient mindset, and the opportunity to engage in an impactful group climate project. The online lectures are contributed by international leaders in climate science and action. These leaders also participate as the board of advisors for this course to help foster future climate leaders, champions, and ambassadors. The online video content includes self-reflection prompts for ease of comprehension and to motivate personal relevance. At the start and end of the class, we will have several online live sessions bringing together students across the UC campuses, that will also be taped. The in-person sessions on each campus will be small groups led by a UC professor, and by a mindfulness-trained instructor with background in climate and sustainability. These groups will help you process climate distress in a safe space, and build social support and community collaboration on individual and collective action, culminating in class climate projects.
  • Which UC campuses are participating in this course?
    UC San Francisco UC San Diego UC Davis UC Irvine UC Los Angeles UC Riverside UC Santa Barbara (to be determined) UC Santa Cruz (to be determined)
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