Frequently asked questions

Who is this class for?

At this time, this class is for any adult who lives in the US who is interested in exploring how climate is impacting them, emotionally and what they can do about it.

Why should I take this class?

We are living in an uncertain time. It has become clear that we are living with climate crisis going forward, so whether we realize it or not we may feel grief and sadness, or anger.

What will I do?

How do I take this class?

This will be delivered by Zoom (phone or computer) This course is under development and will be evaluated as part of a research study. If you share your email, you will learn more details about it in January. If you are already a climate activist, this class may not be as critical for you, but we do help people deal with climate distress.
If you are concerned about the climate and want to learn more, do more, please take this class.