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Course Description 

The UC Climate Resilience course is designed to promote hope, collective empowerment, and a map for individual climate action projects integrated within our communities. 
The course design is led by Drs. Jyoti Mishra of UCSD and Elissa Epel of UCSF, two leaders at the intersection of climate change and mental health, and co-leaders of the UC-wide Center for Climate, Health and Equity: Mental Health Initiative.

This course has well-known professors as faculty leaders at 10 UC campuses, who will lead their local in-person experiential sessions. 

To impact transformational resilience, the class will offer both educational content as online video lectures and experiential classroom sessions to build group cohesion. 

Online Lectures

The online lectures are contributed by international leaders in climate science and action. These leaders also participate as the board of advisors for this course to help foster future climate leaders, champions, and ambassadors. 

In-Person Sessions

The in-person sessions will be held in two small groups each led by the course faculty leader and a mindfulness-trained instructor. These sessions are designed to build shared learning skills, process climate-change-related distress in a safe space, and build social support and community collaboration on individual and collective action, culminating in class climate projects.  

Course Learning Objectives 


Transform personal climate distress into action


Gain knowledge and skills in psychological resilience and emotional regulation in the context of climate change


Develop skills in nature-embedded mindfulness restoration


Learn best practices for climate advocacy


Learn climate communication: how to discuss climate with others 


Understand the power of joyful engagement, becoming ambassadors of joyful climate for meta-crisis


Create connections with eachother 


Assimilate essential concepts of Think Global, Act Local, that actions of each individual matter, and that Climate Action is the Work of a Lifetime.

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