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Transforming Climate Distress to Action
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Learn from global thought leaders and scientists at the helm of the climate movement.

We live in a rapidly changing world with the climate crisis and interrelated global crises (“the polycrisis”). In this course, students will gain invaluable resilience skills, including mindfulness meditation, to navigate and build a meaningful future. The class aims to fill a critical gap in climate education and well-being, building on the science of personal and social resilience and climate change action, building a sense of belonging, and motivating empowerment and self-efficacy via actionable projects.

The course is co-directed by Drs. Jyoti Mishra of UCSD and Elissa Epel of UCSF, two leaders at the intersection of climate change and mental health, co-leaders of the UC-wide Center for Climate, Health, and Equity (CCHE) Mental Health Initiative. Dr. Philippe Goldin, an expert in mindfulness and meditative practice and research as well as sustainability education, also serves as a Course Co-Director. We have world leaders delivering online mini-lectures, expert UC professors as lecturers and facilitators, contemplative education advisors, and mindfulness-trained teachers for co-leading in-person experiential sessions at each UC campus. Join this exciting movement!  

Our Class in Action!

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